About The Contest

About The Contest

The Beautiful People Contest will have a strong ethnic representation as we invite over 75 ethnic communities in the Greater Toronto Area &  surrounding areas. This mosaic platform of multiculturalism will be one of the highlights of the Beautiful People Contest.  Those interested in participating can individually enroll, or be nominated through their ethnic communities or affiliated organizations.  There will be 5,000+ streams of nomination platforms that will assist in the invitation of a contestant to participate in the Beautiful People Contest (see Special Nominations).

This Beauty Contest invites contestants to demonstrate to voters their internal and external beauty. 
We believe beauty is comprised of an individual’s mind, soul and physical attributes.  The Beautiful People Contest promotes individual beauty as a pursuit to follow one’s desire to be beautiful according to your personal perception.  Individuals taking part in this contest will have an opportunity to transform their appearance externally and express beauty from within.

In support of various sponsored beauty products and workshops offered in the Beautiful People Contest, each contestant will have the opportunity to capture the Spirit of Being Beautiful.
We also wish to have participants take away from this experience the spirit of being beautiful, hence giving near and dear ones a surprise, as they vote in the Beautiful People Contest.  We invite both men and women to participate in this contest.  If you believe that you are beautiful from within and outside – you may be the Beautiful Man and Beautiful Woman that we are looking for!


Over 300 independent photographers are invited to the Beautiful People Contest including selected Canadian top photographers.


Contestants -Come and join us in a weekend full of Fun and Excitement!  Contestant may have an opportunity to Runway the Feri Fashion House Collection – the Celebrity’s Designer of Jewelry and Accessories.  Receive a scheduled live tour of the Feri Collection and a $200 certificate FREE to spend on the Feri online store.

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