Treasures Gift Expo

Growing up we always valued a treasure hunt, could’ve been on the beach or in the school playground. The word treasure resonates charm, excitement, uniqueness and specialty.

FBE weekend hosts a “Treasures Gift Expo”. Want to show off a unique corner in your living room or a handicraft beaming from your living room? Or a memory striking curio shop artifact in your bedroom? Make sure to visit our Treasures Gift Expo and find the most exclusive collection of one of a kind artwork, handicrafts and works of art for sale.  Cash & Carry Sales.

We have painstakingly ‘picked a needle in a haystack’ and invited a collage of vendors to bring unique creations to our guests.
Created works of art that are ‘beautiful mistakes’ and cannot be duplicated? Want to visit the best of Toronto’s unique curio shops? Pick out what you desire and give yourself the one and only touch.





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