Canadian Fashion is a $31.5 billion dollar industry.
$17.6 billion is spent by women.

Come see the RUNWAY SHOW & SEE why this is so!

Here at the ultimate fashion weekend, professional models show off the best fashionable collections of the season thru the exclusive fashion runway.
Whether you are just shopping and wanting to expanding your wardrobe or looking at getting exposure and trying on the latest in couture fashion or  perhaps a vendor looking to runway your apparel – not just on store shelves, but on our professional models – find your way to this year’s premier show ‘The Runway”.

Keep your eyes on the runway.
This Fall in November the Fashion Beauty Expo will model for you many of the show designer’s clothing line and accessories. Be sure to get your seat and discover how the extras make the outfit! Adding accents and finishing touches to your outfit with colourful jewelry will do the job.

Fashion Beauty Expo is hosts to 3 expositions.  Each will have a runway platform thru which both the models, accessories and apparel will be fashioned on the runway.
These components are also part of the Beautiful People Contest which ultimately feeds into the reality show.







Watch and see why sponsor Global Wealth Trade/(FBE) is a must-see show on the runway:

Keep your eyes on the Runway and see this season’s apparel mixed with fashion accessories.

Research show that approximately $4.1 billion is spent on accessories.


Stay tuned for the FBE Runway Schedule! Coming soon!

FBE Runway Accessory Trends for 2015-2016


  • Eye wear and traveling companions and bags – a must have.
  • Do you have your hoop earrings and necklaces? Another must have.
  • Shaggy Furs: Plush furs, from coyote, fox, and goat, in new bold colours. On the Runway look for fur vests, fur bags, fur hairgoods and fur scarves.
  • Long hemlines, arm-length gloves and long narrow belts.
  • New Age Nomad: Look for accessories that have part gypsy, part earthy look on the runway.
  • Shimmer in the Gold look! Check your colour pallet -it is the golden season from various shapes of antique to piny-pink.
  • Menswear bling-bling. Watch for tailored and polished frame handbags, briefcases, wrist cuffs, chains, statement watches and a variety of monochromatic accessories.

Stay tuned for more! Coming soon:

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